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Looop is a Next-Generation Learning Platform that makes it easier
than ever to deliver effective employee training anywhere, anytime.

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A simple, flexible learning platform for the modern workforce


Give your employees the experience they demand by delivering instant on-demand learning whenever and wherever it’s needed.


Make Looop yours, with your logo, your domain, your colours and your content. Your learning platform can become a valuable extension of your business.


Get instant insights with powerful data analytics. Measure your impact and reach, get direct feedback from learners, and and watch your effectiveness skyrocket.

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Trusted by some of the world's leading brands


Deliver what's next (whatever it is)

  • Employee Onboarding

    Get new people up to speed in no time with resources that support new hires as they learn your process and company culture.

  • Manager Training

    Equip new managers with the tools, insights and support they need in their new role, with guidance for handling even the toughest situations.

  • Change Management

    Share new practices and procedures and make sure everyone in the organisation is getting consistent answers.

  • Compliance

    Test knowledge and ensure compliance with the ability to educate, then evaluate performance and enforce consistent practices on the job.

Looop makes it easy to get things done

  • Create

    Drag and drop text, add images, upload video and more to create resources you can update any time.

  • Share

    Your resources are instantly accessible, easily searchable, and beautifully formatted for any mobile device.

  • Test

    Publish quizzes and questionnaires to see what your people know and where they need more help.

  • Collaborate

    Invite your best people to share what they know and refine content with feedback collected from comments.

  • Meet

    Schedule and manage face-to-face events, from automated invitations to RSVP tracking.

  • Measure

    See which pieces of content are most popular, including who accessed them, when, and how they scored.

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